Studio za dizajn was founded in 1989 as a small, family firm.

Nowadays we have 9 full-time employees, and our production is in constant growth.

Our dedication and love for our work is shown through our high-quality production level, which we continuously improve by following world trends and innovations.

About us

Welcome! We are Studio za dizajn, specialists in printing on textile.
We present you our new brand: T-Lab.

We started in 1989, as a family firm, with a single vision: to offer something of more quality to the printing market.
We gained printing expertise through various areas, when we discovered that textile is our true passion.
We directed all our investments and knowledge towards the offer of premium printing on textile.
Our vision was clear: to dedicate ourselves to only one specific printing area of expertise. From that vision, we created our business strategy: to offer perfection in this one particular area, in printing on textile.

Through all these years, we learned and achieved a lot:

We learned that success is not a mere destination, but a perpetual search of improvements and innovations.
We gained the worthiest value of all: trust of our customers which reflects in our constant market growth.
That’s why we created our new brand T-Lab in 2016: to present ourselves to our international partners that already recognized our numerous advantages.

And yes, we are still a family firm. True, with 9 full-time employees more, but atmosphere is still family-like: we are all together dedicated to our common successes and goals.

Nowadays, we are European company dedicated to progress, with a constant production growth rate.

We use new technologies on top-level screen printing equipment, and we continuously raise quality standards of printing on textile, by following world trends and innovations.

We work with international clients and we provide full service throughout the whole process.

We will provide you with a full service every step of the way: we do complete prepress, print films and design in-house, so we can guarantee a quick production start and all desired corrections and changes in the process, according to your needs.

This way, you get significantly faster delivery dates.

Our expert team checks in details all the products before they leave our printing office.

Our capacities are up to even 5000 prints a day, depending on a type of print.

Top-quality colors sales

We are authorized dealers of Union Ink, an American premium print colours company, known and recognized worldwide.
In our print department we exclusively use Union Ink colours, and we are especially proud that we brought these colours back to the Croatian market, as authorized dealers for Croatia.
We can provide a rich variety of Union Ink colours, and ensure competitive prices, with full post-sales support and

Full catalogue of products is translated in Croatian and in pre-press phase, and CD with colour mixing program and catalogue in English is available upon request.

Prices, technical instructions and colour charts are available to download.

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